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Teach Innovative STEM Topics with Comprehensive Robotics Kits and Included Curriculum

UBTECH Education’s UKITs support science education that meets the NGSS standards and implements the 3D learning model, allowing teachers to deliver engaging instruction. UKITs are flexible and seamlessly integrate with your STEM and CTE programs – work it in how it works for you.


Select the kit option that’s right for your classroom.  Get 20% off if you purchase before Thanksgiving; otherwise, enjoy 15% off through December 31st.

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Don't miss this opportunity to get UKITs in your classroom!

UKITs help students learn more than just science and engineering, they also help them develop essential college, career, and life skills such as communication, project management, and problem solving to name a few. Create your own mix of UKIT Beginners, UKIT Intermediates, and UKIT Advanced kits to build a custom STEM program for your class that scales as your students advance through lessons.



Special promotions available.

If you’d like to speak with a team member for more custom options, send us a note and we’ll be in touch soon. We’re excited to help you bring high quality STEM products to your classroom.

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20% Off Valid on UKIT Beginner, UKIT Intermediate, and UKIT Advanced until November 25th 2021. After that take 15% off through the end of the year. Not valid on sale of UKIT Class Packs.