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UBTECH Education is ready to get students back to a regular program after
last year’s unprecedented schedule. To kick off the process of ‘returning to learning’, we are excited to offer new comprehensive Back to School Robotics + Coding Bundles that help students develop real world skills to solve real-world problems through exciting hands-on integrated STEM projects.


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Elementary School Bundle

BTS2020-Email-ProductShots_3_ElementaryThis bundle of 4 UKIT Beginner and 4 UKIT Intermediate kits is perfect for Elementary Schools getting started with robotics, coding, and AI. UKITs are comprehensive kits designed as an integrated STEM learning system for year-round use.  Learn more about UKITS here

Middle School Bundle

BTS2020-Email-ProductShots_3_MiddleSchoolThis bundle of 4 UKIT Intermediate and 4 UKIT Advanced robotic kits encourages schools and students to take their STEM skills to the next level. UKITs support science education that meets the NGSS standards and implements the 3D learning model, allowing teachers to deliver engaging instruction.
K-12 Bundle
 BTS2020-Email-ProductShots_3_K8 This bundle of UKIT Beginners, UKIT Intermediates and UKIT Advanced kits brings you 12 complete robot kits, perfect for schools K-12. UKITs are flexible and seamlessly integrate with your STEM and CTE programs – work it in how it works for you.


Special promotions are available.  If you're interested in learning more and speaking with a member of our team simply send us an email or request a quote. We're excited to help bring this and other UBTECH Education products into your school.

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