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Open a World of Opportunities with Artificial Intelligence

AI is all around us. It has shaped the way we drive, shop, and interact with others. Students with exposure to AI concepts will be better prepared for job opportunities of the future. 

Our AI Foundations curriculum provides foundational learning that introduces and fosters discussion around AI topics and projects.  As part of UBTECH Education's mission to prepare students for the jobs of tomorrow, our grade-banded curriculum is structured to scale with students in appropriate learning levels of K-5, 6-8, and 9-12 bands that can compound as users grow as well as an entry to AI learning - no matter what grade students may start their AI journey in. 

AI Foundations requires no hardware and provides online and offline activities that make it a great solution for all learning environments including distance and hybrid school schedules.

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Ready to be an AI pioneer for your students? 

Our AI Foundations curriculum empowers educators with all the tools needed to teach AI as a part of their STEM learning. With lessons broken into 5 sections corresponding to the concept of the Five Big Ideas of AI (developed for AI4K12), educators will receive resources on how to teach fundamental AI concepts in engaging and relevant ways.

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Give students a relevant, approachable, and hands-on introduction to the fundamental concepts of Artificial Intelligence.

Using the the Five Big Ideas, developed by AI4K12.org, the AI Foundations curriculum introduces and scales with students on their path to understanding and working with AI.

Balance cutting edge STEM curriculum with online and offline activities using our AI Foundations curriculum. With no special hardware required, this introduction to AI is perfect for a flexible learning environments and the classroom!

We're Here for Educators 

To supplement the new AI Foundations Curriculum, we also offer 'AI Education in the Classroom' professional development. This multi-session, virtual professional development (consisting of 6 classes over 3 weeks) is where educators dive into techniques to bring dynamic AI resources into classrooms.  Beginning with UBTECH’s AI Foundations curriculum and AI4k12’s ‘5 Big Ideas’, participants will learn how to approach AI topics through practical hands-on strategies and resources.  The course wraps up with educators participating in active discussions around developing lessons on ways to integrate core AI concepts into each educator’s specific classroom.

Open to all K-12 educators (non-subject dependent) that want to learn how to make AI relatable, digestible and applicable to core curricula.

Session objectives:

  • Explore the answer to the question: What is AI? 
  • Learn how to distinguish and define AI 
  • Dive deep into the ‘5 Big Ideas’ of AI education – as connected to UBTECH’s AI Foundations curriculum
  • Explore real-world and relatable examples of concepts
  • Experience hands-on AI tools (including free online resources and uCode)

AI Foundations Curriculum Spread-1


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This Giveaway ended February 21, 2021 at 11:59 PM PT. 1 Winner was announced via email on February 24, 2021. Rules to Enter: Entrants must be 18+ in age and living in the U.S. Giveaway runs from December 10, 2020 - February 21, 2021. To enter the giveaway, fill out all required fields on the entry form and click submit. 1 entry per submission (unless otherwise noted) The winner will receive FREE access to one AI Foundations Curriculum - winner chooses from Units K-5, 6-9, or 9-12. Prize is valued at $1499 for AI Foundations Curriculum. Find more info about the AI Foundations Curriculum &  Terms & Conditions
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